CFN Summer Series Tournament

By Culinary Fight Night (other events)

4 Dates Through Jun 23, 2019

Culinary Fight Night’s Summer Series Tournament is back! 

Every summer, Viodoug Entertainment produces CFN: The Summer Series, a chef tournament comprised of two rounds of preliminaries followed by the Championship Battle.  At the Summer Series, local chefs will prepare dishes in a food festival atmosphere while guests mingle and shop with local vendors during two prelims.  Afterwards, both winners from each prelim, who will be chosen by the audience, will compete at Culinary Fight Night and produce a 6 course meal for the audience, vying for the title of 2019’s Culinary Fight Night Summer Series Champion! Our 2018 Champion, Chef Megan Snyder from Proof Restauant, will be passing the belt to our new winner.

The idea of this event is to provide a fun and interactive environment where local chefs can mingle with the community, prepare great food for potential customers and playfully compete against their peers for an array of prizes. 

Event specifics:

Preliminaries - Grand Tastings on June 2nd and June 9th from 1pm - 4pm | Ticket: $30 per person
- 4 teams of local Chefs and/or caterers
- 6 to 10 local vendors 
- Guests mingle with chefs, eat and critique food, meet and shop with local vendors, vote for their favorite chef - who will advance to the Championship Battle

Round One contenders (June 2nd): Chef Gary Robertson (Django), Chef Cody Poehlein (Reed’s Hollow), Chef Chase Johanson (Americana), Chef Ben Hayes (Peace of Cake Cafe)

Round Two contenders (June 9th): Chef Vithoun Saysopha (K & S Kitchen/Good Beginnings Cafe), Chef Krysten Pierce (KP Kreations), Chef Diego Rodriguez (Proof Restaurant), Chef Arturo Mora (FLAME Food Truck), Chef Jarrod Fontanini (Curbin’ Cuisine Food Truck)

Championship Battle on June 23rd from 6pm - 9pm | Ticket: $80 per person
- 2 teams of Chefs (finalists from the Grand Tastings)
- 6 course plated dinner
- Culinary Trivia and door prizes
- local celebrity guest co-hosts and/or judges

***Seating is assigned for the Championship Battle.  If your group purchases tickets separately and you’d like to be seated with individual guests, you must email us so that we can confirm your request.***